The Shed Recording

The Shed Recording

The Shed is a one-room recording, editing, and mixing studio in a downtown Raleigh, NC neighborhood. Most often it's used to record woodwinds for people's projects, but we also use it as a general overdub studio that's great for recording vocals, guitars, auxiliary instruments, song demos, commercial music projects, and more. 


Hiss Golden Messenger
Chris Stamey
Ivan Howard
De La Noche
Anna Tivel
Erin McKeown
the Mountain Goats
Brett Harris
Jeanne Jolly
American Aquarium
Bhi Bhiman
Skylar Gudasz
Birds & Arrows
Mary Johnson Rockers
The Hot at Nights
Magnolia Collective
Josh Ritter
Brooke Annibale
Laura Cortese
Joe Westerlund
Mac McCaughan
The Steel Wheels
Dante High/Ari Picker


Pro Tools

Universal Audio 6176
Great River MP500-NV
Rupert Neve 511
Chandler TG2-500

Shure SM7
Mojave MA-300
Audio Technica AT4050
Blue Hummingbird

alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones
clarinet/bass clarinet
flute, weird wooden flutes
variety of acoustic and electric guitars, amps
upright piano, Nord Electro 5D, OP-1, various USB/Midi keyboards
Roland TR-08
xylophone, percussion instruments