Matt Douglas is a woodwinds player, multi-instrumentalist, and member of the Mountain Goats.

After graduating from NYU, Matt went to Central Europe on a Fulbright Grant to study Hungarian folk music. After two years of working in Budapest, Matt headed to Raleigh, NC where he joined up with guitarist Chris Boerner (Hiss Golden Messenger) and drummer Matt McCaughan (Bon Iver, Hiss Golden Messenger, Lambchop) to form The Proclivities. They released three albums between 2006 and 2008: Predispositions, Coney Island, and Handguns & Dancing Shoes. In Early 2009, Matt teamed up with country singer and songwriter Caitlin Cary (Whiskeytown, Tres Chicas). Their relationship developed into a songwriting collaboration, out of which they formed The Small Ponds. Their first album was released on Last Chance Records in September of 2010. Matt also makes up one-third of the instrumental power trio The Hot at Nights, alongside longtime collaborator Chris Boerner on guitar and Nick Baglio on drums. Throughout 2015, Matt was on tour as a multi-instrumentalist with The Mountain Goats to promote the album Beat the Champ. Immediately following, Matt joined The Mountain Goats as a permanent member. 

Matt continues to live and work in Raleigh, North Carolina as a multi-instrumentalist, writer and arranger.

In addition to playing in the Mountain Goats, Matt has shared the stage with Hiss Golden Messenger, Josh Ritter, Father John Misty, Erin McKeown, Bon Iver, Superchunk, Bhi Bhiman, Ari Picker, Chris Stamey, Ani Difranco, Tift Merritt, Nicolay, The Rosebuds, Jeanne Jolly, Jenn Grant, The Old Ceremony, American Aquarium, Kenny Roby, Laura Cortese, and many more. 

*See Matt's Discography for all recordings


2024 Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats        (Stax Records)
additional saxophones/woodwinds

2024 The Dead Tongues “Body of Light” (Psychic Hotline)

2024 Nathaniel Russell “Songs Of”                  (Psychic Hotline)

2024 Dawn Landes “The Liberated Woman's Songbook” (FunMachine)
saxophones on “There Was a Young Woman Who Swallowed a Lie”

2024 Nan Macmillan “From Both Eyes”
saxophones, flute

2024 Hurray for the Riff Raff “The Past Is Still Alive” (Nonesuch)

2024 Chatham County Line “Hiyo” (Yep Roc)
saxophone on “Summerline”

2024 Paranoid Style “The Interrogator” (Bar None)

2023 the Mountain Goats “Jenny From Thebes” (Merge)
piano, woodwinds, guitars, string arrangements

2023 Hiss Golden Messenger “Jump For Joy” (Merge)

2023 Jess Williamson “Time Ain't Accidental” (Mexican Summer)

2023 Sumbuck “Lucky” 

2023 Matt Douglas “Love Or Let Me Be Lonely” (single)
vocals, piano, saxophone

2023 Josh Ritter “Spectral Lines” (Pytheas/Thirty Tigers)

2023 Joseph Terrell “Good For Nothing Howl” (Sleepy Cat Records)

2023 Libby Rodenbough “Between the Blades” (Sleepy Cat Records)

2022 the Mountain Goats "Bleed Out" (Merge)
guitars, piano, saxophone, vocals

2022 Lauren Balthrop "Things Will Be Different"

2022 Bear's Den "Blue Hours" (Communion Records)
saxophones, woodwinds

2022 Hurray For the Riff Raff "Life On Earth" (Nonesuch)
saxophones, woodwinds

2021 Josh Moore "Sunrise"
saxes on "Beauty of This World"

2021 Bear's Den - "All That You Are" single

2021 Travelhorse - Rich McClaughlin "Interlude"
producer, guitar, woodwinds, keys

2021 "tick, tick...BOOM!" (Soundtrack from the Netflix film)
"Only Takes a Few" by Jonathan Larson - performed by the Mountain Goats - synth and electric guitar

2021 Hiss Golden Messenger "O Come All Ye Faithful" (Merge)

2021 Dante High "Dante High II"

2021 New Suit (Ivan Howard & Taylor Bolding) "For the Recently Deceased"

2021 Mac McCaughan "The Sound of Yourself" (Merge)
saxophone on "Burn a Fax"

2021 Beebe "Beebe"
guitar on "Let It Go"

2021 Coral Moons "Fieldcrest"
bari sax on "Like We Used To" and saxes on "Winnebago"

2021 the Mountain Goats "Dark In Here" (Merge)
woodwinds, guitars, keyboards, accordion, vocals

2021 Hiss Golden Messenger "Quietly Blowing It" (Merge)

2021 Elephant Micah "Vague Tidings" (Western Vinyl)

2021 Ani DiFranco "Revolutionary Love" (Righteous Babe)
saxophones, flute, clarinet

2021 Bengals (Ivan Howard) "The Drop Zone"

2020 Matt Douglas "Death Whistle/Manage My Mind" 
woodwinds, piano, samples, mixing 

2020 The Hot at Nights "No Outlet" single

2020 the Mountain Goats "Getting Into Knives" (Merge)
woodwinds, guitars, keyboards, accordion, background vocals

2020 Ani DiFranco "Do or Die/Contagious" single (Righteous Babe)
flutes, saxophones

2020 Dawn Landes "Row"
piano, additional recording

2020 Hiss Golden Messenger "Let the Light of the World Open Your Eyes (Alive at Spacebomb)" (Merge)

2020 Lagniappe Sessions Vol. 2 (Record Store Day release)
the Mountain Goats cover of "Blood Bank" - woodwinds, arrangement

2020 The Monologue Bombs "Best Mistakes" single (Potluck)
producer, mixer, saxophones

2020 Coral Moons "Winnebago" single

2020 Matt Douglas & Sam Kassirer "En Masse" EP
songwriting, guitars, woodwinds

2020 American Aquarium "Lamentations" (New West)

2020 Joe Westerlund "Reveries In the Rift"

2019 De La Noche "Blue Days, Black Nights"

2019 Chris Stamey "New Songs for the 20th Century"

2019 Steel Wheels "Over the Trees"

2019 Superchunk "Acoustic Foolish" (Merge)

2019 Quetico

2019 the Mountain Goats "In League With Dragons" (Merge)
woodwinds, guitars, vocals

2018 Hiss Golden Messenger "Virgo Fool" (Merge)

2018 Millie McGuire "There's a Place (single)"

2018 Dante High "Dante High"
sax solo on Parking Lot Soul

2018 the Mountain Goats "Hex Of Infinite Binding - EP"
woodwinds, piano, vocals, additional production

2018 Brooke Annibale "Hold To The Light"

2018 Matt Douglas "Affirmation (with Discomfort)"
alto, tenor, bari sax, clarinets, flute

2018 Nicolay & The Hot at Nights "Glaciers" (FE+ Music)
alto, tenor, bari sax, clarinet, flute

2018 Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys "Southland"
saxes on "Sugar"

2018 6 String Drag "Top of the World" (Schoolkids Records)

2017 Rachel Kiel "Shot From a Cannon"

2017 Anna Tivel "Small Believer"

2017 Josh Ritter "Gathering"

2017 Sylvan Esso "Echo Mountain Session"
tenor sax, flute

2017 the Mountain Goats "Goths" (Merge)
woodwinds, keyboards, background vocals

2017 The Hot at Nights "Three Kids"

2017 Indigo Girls "Cover Stories: Brandi Carlile Celebrates 10 Years of the Story (An Album to Benefit War Child)"

2017 Hunter Simpson "Goldmine"

2016 Hiss Golden Messenger "Heart Like A Levee" (Merge)
saxes, clarinets

2016 Bon Iver "22, A Million" (Jagjaguwar)

2016 Scott Hirsch "Blue Rider Songs" (Scissor Tail)

2016 Mount Moriah "How To Dance" (Merge)

2016 Brett Harris "Up In the Air"

2015 Hiss Golden Messenger "Parallelogram" (Three Lobed Recordings)
piano, saxes, background vocals

2015 Mount Moriah "Calvander" EP (Merge)

2015 Birds & Arrows "Edge of Everything"

2015 Jeanne Jolly "A Place to Run" (Ramblewood Records)

2015 Bhi Bhiman "Rhythm & Reason" (Thirty Tigers)

2015 the Mountain Goats "Beat the Champ" (Merge)

2015 American Aquarium "Wolves"

2015 Hiss Golden Messenger "Southern Grammar EP" (Merge)

2015 Six String Drag "Roots Rock N Roll"

2014 Mary Johnson Rockers "Remedy"
saxes on Slow Loving

2014 Brett Harris "Mr. Sunshine EP"
saxes on Mr. Sunshine

2014 Hiss Golden Messenger "The Beast & Dragon, Adored" (Spoon cover for Merge 25)
piano, alto, tenor, bari sax

2013 The Hot at Nights "Try This!"
alto, tenor, bari sax, flute, clarinet, effects

2013 Laura Cortese "Into the Dark" 
clarinet on "Take Your Time"

2013 Pet Tich Eye - Triangle Creative Collaboration Project
"Roll On" by Brad Cook, M.C. Taylor, Jeff Stickley - alto & bari sax, flute

2013 Hiss Golden Messenger "Glad EP"
alto & bari sax on "Issa"

2013 Kenny Roby "Memories & Birds" (Little Criminal Records)
saxophones, flute, clarinet, piano

2013 Erin McKeown "Manifestra" (TVP Records)
saxophones, flute, clarinet

2013 Chris Stamey "Lovesick Blues"

2013 Gilbert Neal "Dirty Red Pagan"
alto sax

2012 The Rosebuds "Christmas Tree Island"
alto, tenor, bari sax, flute, clarinet

2012 The Rosebuds "Love Deluxe"
alto sax, flute, clarinet

2012 Caroline Mamoulides "Potential"
producer, woodwinds, acoustic/electric guitars, keyboards

2011 Nicolay + The Hot at Nights "Shibuya Session EP" (Foreign Exchange Music)
saxophone, effects

2011 The Hot at Nights "Nice Talk"
saxophone, clarinet, effects

2011 Laura Cortese & The Poison Oaks "Pine"
arranger for "Cry" and "Run to You", writer of "Dance Around", alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, keyboards, background vocals

2010 Erin McKeown "3 Songs EP"
alto, tenor, bari saxophones, background vocals

2010 The Small Ponds "Caitlin Cary & Matt Douglas are...The Small Ponds" (Last Chance Records)
songwriting, vocals, acoustic guitar, piano

2009 Erin McKeown "Hundreds of Lions" (Righteous Babe Records)
alto sax, baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute 

2008 The Foreign Exchange "Leave It All Behind" (Foreign Exchange Music)
flute on "If She Breaks Your Heart"

2008 The Proclivities "Handguns & Dancing Shoes" (self-released)
songwriting, vocals, guitars, keyboards, woodwinds

2008 Mark Erelli "Delivered" (Signature Sounds)
alto sax, baritone sax, flute

2007 Josh Ritter "Hisorical Conquests of Josh Ritter" (Sony/Victor)
alto sax, baritone sax, bass clarinet, background vocals

2007 The Proclivities "Music From the Motion Picture Coney Island" (Blackwater Films)
songwriting, vocals, guitars, keyboards

2006 The Proclivities "Predispositions" (self-release)
songwriting, vocals, guitars, woodwinds

2006 Mosadi Music "The Window" (Mosadi Music)
vocals on "The Window"

2005 The Matt Douglas Project "Budapest Proclivities" (self-release with the Hungarian Fulbright Commission)
composer, arranger, alto sax, furulya, tilinko

2001 The Duggs Trio "Tumid" (self-release)
composer, alto sax